Planet Of Noise

Sonic musings from the mind of Boogie

Everyone calls me Boogie and I've been working in music for over 30 years....

As a performer, songwriter and producer, I spent several years playing in indie rock bands in the late 80's and early 90's, adopting computer based recording and sequencing in it's infancy.

Finding the creative environment of the sound studio my true home, I moved into writing and recording music for theatre, contemporary dance and film in the mid 90's. I'm a multi instrumentalist and record and fuse many different styles of music, both acoustic and synthetic. I live and work in the Derbyshire Peak District, England.

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A selection of music written and produced by me from the last 15 years:

Mesmerised / Supersonic / This disco rocks Listen

Nu-disco from my sparkly alter-ego G-Love Divine

Crucify / Nights on fire / Move on Listen

Synthpop shapes from The VL-Tones

The unrepentant drunkards Listen

A folk lament fused with new technology and elements of pibroch highland pipe music.

Surfin on the break of day Listen

Jazzy-funky-dancy disco in a Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, Sade kinda way, cool, catchy and commercial.

Searching Listen

From a theater score, a shared experience of growing up with UK dance culture.

Last Orders Listen

Another theater track, a very metal conversation between bass and guitar as it funks on down the hall.

Spandex Listen

Big bass jungle, strange and well spaced mania floating on a warm sea of aural fluid.

Barmyfluid Listen

Neurotic drum and bass, frantic and relentless drums driving through a nerve edge alarm storm.

Finalities Listen

A finale, a piano says goodbye.

Ramble Listen

Peidmont guitar styling in a John Fahey-esq ramble.

Forest song Listen

Native American flute theme from an ecology based kids show, the big bird flies into the forest.


Some other meanderings from my mind:

The metaphysical verbotron interface

Write beautiful nonsense and let your mind go free

2005-2007 Andy Booth